Effluent Management is an expensive exercise for the

Working within strict regional guidelines which can
result in hefty fines.
Storage/ongoing maintenance
Removing the need for periodic manual cleaning of
Clogging of pumps, filters and irrigation systems
Quality of product going onto paddock

 What we have achieved:

A way to remove the problems of smell, crusting and
sludge formation in both effluent tanks and inground ponds.
A way to achieve compliance with local
authority water standards and requirements.
Removal of problems with solids clogging filters,
pipes and pumping equipment, so that what is
discharged into the paddocks is liquid.
The conversion of solids in an effluent system into
dissolved nutrient-rich water.
Eliminate operational costs such as emptying or
cleaning ponds or tanks. No solids to separate or
Paddocks able to stay in rotation for grazing.
Better grass with higher nutrient content.

Effluex - Key Information