• The amount of product required will be based on the peak number of cows being milked. Entering the number of cows in the Order section of the website will produce the correct dosage for your farm.   
  • Remove the pouches from the outer plastic wrapping.  
  • Throw the pouches into the effluent pond. Ideally throw one pouch near the inlet pipe for the pond and the others at different points around the pond to give some separation between the pouches.  
  • Remove the plastic bottle from the outer plastic wrapping.  
  • Pour the contents of the bottle into the effluent pond at 2 or 3 different areas of the pond.   
  • Store both powder and liquid products in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.  



  • Stay a safe distance back from the pond so there is no danger of falling into the pond when throwing the pouches or throwing in the liquid from the bottles.  
  • Do not inhale the product and avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid excessive contact with the skin.  
  • Do not drink the liquid.